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I have a sickness. I cannot help but go shopping almost every weekend. This afternoon I bought a bunch of stuff for my impending visit to Byron Bay for Bluesfest next weekend, and I just simply couldn’t go past this tribal print draw-string waist jumpsuit. As you all know I have a weakness for prints, and also for jumpsuits and playsuits, and I love things that I can dress up or down. I bought this for $35.00 (on sale from $49.95).

* Please excuse my hair – I have been swimming in the Hawkesbury River all morning


I am so thankful for the rainy weather right now. It forces you to relax which is fabulous. However I did have to go shopping today to alleviate any boredom. Another thing that cold rainy weather at the end of summer does is make you suddenly think to yourself “where are all my warm clothes, and what did i wear last winter?”. So this is a dangerous combination when the seasons change, as i know I rush out immediately to grab the latest fashions. And I’m loving everything that is in stores at the moment, from studded shoes and shoulders, to cut-outs in everything from jumpers to leggings. So anyway, here’s what i bought today…

I love over-sized everything. I’m not sure if this is a t-shirt or a dress, but you could wear it as both. I love the olive green colour (I think olive green looks great on blondes), and the pics don’t show it, but the red and black on the front of the top is actually beading, and I’m a sucker for embellishments of any sort. This was $69.95 down to $27.96 at Sportsgirl.

I am DYING over this cardigan. Its actually a size too big for me, but it was the last one in the store and I REALLY wanted it. I love the vintage look of it (I actually have a rug that looks similar), and I love the looping all over it. Love it. I will be wearing this everywhere this winter (and no doubt getting snagged on everything I wander past too). This was $99.95. Yes, i know its expensive, but i love it. LOVE IT.

I fell in love with this peplum top. I’m obsessing over all the olive greens that are out at the moment. I paired this top with leather leggings to toughen it up a little. Always make sure you buy the smallest size with a peplum top because you really want to accentuate your waist. I’m thankful that Sportsgirl do XXS, as I have a tiny waist. This was $69.95 reduced to $27.95.


I’m a sucker for prints, and for maxi-dresses. They hide a multitude of sins, from having a fat day to not having a tan. This one I especially like as the flowy fabric is very forgiving on any figure, and the skirt section has a slight accordian pleat which I love.

I bought this maxi-dress from Sportsgirl whilst I was in Byron Bay. It was $189.95, reduced to $139.95, and then they had 30% off again so I managed to secure this for the bargain price of $98.00. Tremendous.

You can dress this up or down. Of course I like my trademark hippie styling, but for an evening look I would pair this with a thick black leather belt to cinch you in at the waist, a black pair of sky high pumps, a black chain link bag, a simple cuff, and a bold red lip.


I love jumpsuits even if I deeply regret wearing them when it comes time to use the restroom.

I bought this halter-neck palazzo leg jumpsuit the other day from a little Asian shop for $49.95. I love the 70’s inspired print, I love the deep cut in the front, and I love that I don’t have to wear a bra with it. Hollywood tape is a MUST for an outfit like this.

For an evening look i would pair this outfit with a top-knot and a black blazer and lots of gold accessories, but I love that I can dress it down and go for my trademark boho look with it too.

(PLEASE NOTE: I am peeling quite badly from my recent trip to Byron Bay)


I just got back from the US a few weeks ago, and on the last day that I was there, I was flying out of LA on the 10pm flight, and had a few hours to kill, so I headed down to Santa Monica to wander around the 3rd Street Promenade shopping mall.

I ordinarily scour Forever 21 and H & M whilst I’m there, but this time I happened upon the most awesome store ever.

It called Brandy Melville ( and they have the coolest stuff ever, and the most unique bit is, all of their clothing is “free size” – another interesting concept. And its cheap – that’s the best part. With fashion changing daily (you only have to walk past most window displays to know that this is a fact), I think it’s foolish to go and invest a lot of money into the fickle fashion industry when you can find awesome stuff for under $50. And at the end of the day, its all about how you style it up.

I only bought 2 tops from there (as my impatient husband was there with me whilst I was partaking in my retail therapy), and here are pics of them below, along with a link to the products: