My name is Amy Anka.

I love bargain buys & styling up outfits.
I have a fun & quirky sense of style.
I am a shopaholic to the point where I could almost be on that show “intervention”.
I love to travel.
I collect scarves, and love to print clash.
I hate washing & brushing my hair – which means I’m quite fond of hats
I am addicted to fashion magazines & celebrity gossip.
I have an aversion to anything containing gelatine.
I hate sausages.
I am on a spiritual journey.
I believe in destiny, fate, and everything happening for a reason.
I get drunk off half a glass of wine.
I am very short.
I say fuck a lot.
I suffer from chronic dissatisfaction.


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  1. Also you forgot to mention “i have achieved” finding that inner world that most people dont find in a life time! ******************

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