Yesterday afternoon, I was tagged in a video from one of my your sister-in-laws.

It was a snippet of the video from your wedding day.

As I watched this video, I teared up.

Because that’s how I am.

I cry all the time.

I am unapologetically, all woman.

As much as that may madden you.

As much as our mother would tell me that I need to “take a spoonful of cement, and harden up”.

I will never apologise for being both a combination of soft, and strong (with the help of your wise, firm, and tireless guiding hand…)

I can feel the energy, and emotion of everything swirling about me.

Like a sponge, I absorb everything.

Like I do.

It’s my “thing”.

It’s my gift.

And my curse…

Alongside everything else in this bizarre, and clumsy life we are all living.

We are all “winging it”.

But in the short snippet of this video, I know, within “my waters”, that you have #NailedIt.

I saw the look of pure love, adoration, and mutual respect in your husbands eyes.

And in yours.

I felt the happiness.

And peace.

In both of you.

At committing to a lifetime of loving, and respecting one another.

Because that’s what it’s all about.

Love, and respect.

The song that played in the background of your video was called “Wedding Song”, by Angus and Julia Stone”.

And the lyrics of that song touched me deeply.

With everything within my heart, I wish these sentiments for the pair of you two lovebirds.

“And I’ll wind up every day
Thinking about the way you make me feel
When your lips touch my lips
And I’d crawl inside a cave
Or live somewhere strange
As long as I’m with you
I have got what I need”

It’s that last sentence that gets me.

“As long as I’m with you, I have got what I need.”

Because that’s all that really matters.

That as long as you’re with the one that has your heart, you have all that you need.

Nothing else matters.

It all pales into insignificance.

I recall another sister (a non-blood related sister – I have 2 non-blood related sisters) telling me once, that the only way to tell that you are truly in love, is to be stranded on an island, with your “significant other”.

So to my little sister, who is so much more the “older” sister, and in so many more ways than I can possibly imagine, I send you, and my new brother, ALL of the love.

And then some.

You have found your “significant other”.

You have #NailedIt.


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