I’ve been writing like mad, however I’ve taken a break from publishing for a while as I’m in deep contemplation for now, and gone into my shell like I maddeningly do from time to time.

I received an email from my lovely friend Damien Pitw (author of “My Mind, My Heart, And My Balls”), and I’ve decided to publish this for now, as I thought it was so beautifully written, and it spoke volumes to me in my current state…

“Hi Amy,

I hope you’re doing fine.

Here’s a poem I wrote when I was in Cambodia.

It’s a two-voice discussion between a poet and his muse, a philosopher and his inspiration, a self and his higher self… Whoever they are they are having a little chat about life!

I hope you enjoy it!”

O eternal wisdom by so few encountered,
Why be silent when our lost souls need be shepherd?
O divine design when will your truth ever shine
To reveal its mysterious ways and show me mine?

My foolish friend, why so much passion in your voice,
When you think so serious about matters so tedious?
If your ways are not mine feel free to make the choice
To rejoice in the sublime, away from the obvious.
Why trouble your mind with thoughts and comprehension
When truth, you shall find, lies behind peaceful emotions?

With peace of mind came faith that even the worst errors
I made were meant for transformation to unfold.
But they did nothing for the fate of countless others
Their suffering still forged in time-forsaken molds.
Forever weaves our ignorance and in its nest
We idly dwell behind shrouds of faces and cults.
Forever blindly we trust the words of the prophets,
Taking for Gods those who sprang from the rest of us.
Our lives are so short, our believes so volatile,
How not get lost in quests ever so futile?

My eccentric friend, don’t you hear the frustration
Trigger your dramatic lack of imagination?
If all beliefs are sterile, why cherish them so?
Why die for them, even slow? Whey even fight,
And defend human judgments against divine law?
Beware of mundane opinions on good and right.
No matter the biddings, let it be acceptance
To hold your hand and lead the course of your action.
Doubt understanding and accept that relevance
Will offer you guidance in deep contemplation.
All you’ll ever do shall be means to that one end.
The world might be a mess, but it’s not yours to mend.
Stay focus on balance and protect your actions
From the evils of idleness and distraction.

How much wisdom and love shall I gather in me,
For anger to dissolve and fuel positive will?
Were I trained in the ways of your soft alchemy,
Could I forever stay in the bliss you make me feel?
Nomadic explorer of the states of my mind,
The more I inquire, the more I seem to find,
The mystic beauty of being alive and why
An all-knowing universe would want to play I.
How sweet it is to let live, and love and be loved,
To be here and now and leave problems unresolved,
To give time for solutions ever so little
To mature ’till they fit and complete the puzzle.
If none of that requires my direct assistance,
Am I truly free to stand up and take my chance?
I will laugh and scream and dance and be carried away,
And cry for the sake of letting pain have its own way.
I’ll read and eat and love, delight in pleasure,
But in this abundance bring a touch of good measure.
Witness the most subtle and live in the sublime
Transcendence of the sens, lost in a selfless dance.
And to the last syllable of recorded Time,
Explore the essence of my human existence.

Life is an art when Truth invites you to speak so.
Now that you see, go and share about Samadhi.
With silent surrender between notes of letting go,
Repeat not the letter, but play the melody.
What more can I teach that you don’t already know?
Celebrate each sacred day while the sun still shines,
And always remember until the light goes off:
Hold no regrets for the women and the wines,
Hold no remorse for sometimes life has to be tough.
Live your life as if you were going to die,
And fear not that which alone is not a lie:
Everything that comes to being shall meet an end.
From sand to sand, primordial matter in the blend,
From dust to dust, immortal only is balance.

Life is the felt presence of endless existence,
A reflexion in Time where we walk hand in hand.
Heart and Mind are but echoes of an illusion,
Ripples in the wild flow of timeless transition.

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