Today I was one of the many affected by the power outage at Sydney Airport.

It all comes down to Mercury Retrograde you know….but I’m not going to start with that sort of shit in today’s article…

Yes, I was planning on leaving yet again.

But as fate would have it, my flight was cancelled.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and for whatever reason, I was just not supposed to leave today.

Fate is funny like that.

Throughout my life, I have found that when things work seamlessly, when it all just “comes together”, it generally means you are on the right path to your destiny.

And when you are faced with roadblocks – when doors keep slamming all around you, it’s the universes way of redirecting you towards what’s meant to be.

I guess that’s what faith is. Trusting that everything will work out how it should.

We all try to control situations. But really, we can’t.

Yes, we can make plans, however whatever is meant to be will be.

So for whatever reason, I am still here for the moment.

Now that’s a strange notion really.

We are always “here”.

Because wherever you are, that’s where you are.

I’m very aware that I’m trying to escape in a lot of ways.

Run away from my life.

Sometimes I wonder if that’s what a lot of us do. Run away from things. Try to escape from what is. Bury our heads in the sand, with a means of distraction.

Through travel. Through hobbies. Through addiction. Through movies, TV shows, and books. Through jobs that we hate. Through buying things we don’t really need, so we can have the momentary high of the new purchase until the novelty wears off. Come take a browse through my wardrobe and you’ll see I’m an expert with that one.

Is it because we don’t want to feel the full effect of our reality and what we have ultimately created?

Or do we honestly believe that certain things – emotions, feelings, problems, people, debts, whatever, are going to disappear if we do the same? If we hop on the “distraction bus” and try to get as far away as we can from our hearts? Does it really change anything?

Paulo Coelho says, “if it’s still in your mind, it’s still in your heart”.

I often use this whimsical logic when trying to justify whether or not I REALLY need that new outfit.

But in life, it’s unfortunately not as trivial as deciding whether or not you need that new pair of jeans.

It is about following your heart. And what’s good for your soul.

Sometimes we need to cling to our distractions and illusions in order to heal our hearts. To move forward. To give us hope.

However, as we can never escape our hearts, is disappearing, or “dropping off the radar”, really the way to alleviate this?

Not really. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. As foolish as it may seem.

Sometimes you need to get as far away as possible from your reality in order to begin to see clearly. Even if you can’t escape from the other reality that your heart is coming with you, and it really doesn’t change a damn thing.

But sometimes, you have to give yourself the gift of space. To be able to breathe again.

With enough time, and distance, whether it be literal or metaphorical, I do believe that everything will work out in the end.

So like I always say, do whatever it takes to get you to where you need to go. And whatever’s good for your soul? Do that.

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