I think all of us have minor meltdowns over the most trivial things, and looking back on the shit I mentally complained about through the week, really made me slap myself, and think – I am so ungrateful sometimes.

“First world problems”.

You see memes of these all the time on the internet.

The things we complain about, looking back on them, really do seem so trivial at times.

Here’s a 35 point list of the first world problems I encountered last week:

1. When I went to turn the corner at the traffic lights, I put my wipers on instead of my indicator, and I smeared my clean windscreen.

2. I had to shampoo my hair 3 times before I was able to work up a lather because I went 8 days without washing it.

3. I burnt my schnitzel one evening because I was daydreaming.

4. A pug dog jumped up on me and dirtied my white jeans.

5. I locked myself out of the house, because I was daydreaming (I daydream a lot).

6. I was bitten by a spider (because I gardened barefoot).

7. I pulled a door off it’s hinge.

8. I got stuck walking in the rain, and the hoodie I was wearing became heavy as a result.

9. The supermarket ran out of the bread I like.

10. I bought an outfit that I need to get altered.

11. Throughout the week, I ate several things off the kitchen floor, as I’m incredibly clumsy, and very much live by the 20 second rule (no….wait….I think I have that wrong…).

12. I couldn’t find my purse, and was late to my friends place because I placed it in the cutlery drawer (again, as a result of daydreaming).

13. I accidentally sucked up coins with the vacuum cleaner.

14. I couldn’t wear a helmet while I was quad bike riding on the weekend as I was rocking a top knot.

15. I have no good books to read right now.

16. I had epic heartburn one night due to wine, and I was too drunk to drive to the shops to buy antacids.

17. The supermarket ran out of broccolini. And I really, REALLY felt like it.

18. I got a savage attack of hiccups and there was no one around to scare me.

19. I broke a power point.

20. I had to “excavate” my detergent from the box, as it had all compacted due I the recent downpour of rain, and subsequent humidity.

21. My doors were also sticking due to the rain, and as I result I needed to use two hands and a yanking motion to exit whichever room I found myself trapped.

22. I had to clean my glass table with maroon serviettes because I’d run out of paper towels.

23. I wondered why the girl I saw at the gym was there with her hair perfectly blow dried and a face full of makeup (but then I remembered I come home from training and drink wine, so it’s kind of the same thing – counter productive).

24. That I couldn’t find accessories for a new outfit I’d bought.

25. I lost my favourite hat. The one with the feather in it. And I’m beside myself.

25. That telemarketers call me. Constantly.

26. That I went to sleep on Saturday night at 10.30pm, forgetting that daylight savings finished the next day, and I was wide awake from 5am the next morning.

27. I killed a cockroach after I’d vacuumed and mopped (seriously, come and grace me with your presence PRIOR).

28. I spilt red wine on the kitchen bench and I had to bleach it clean.

29. I spent 30 minutes searching for parking the other day. God I was mad…

30. My rubbish bins were too full to put all of my gardening mess in.

31. The rain all week has prevented me from washing my sheets. I have OCD, and this particularly bothered me.

32. The Hollywood tape I used on Saturday was somehow not as adhesive as usual.

33. I cannot get past level 37 of Candy Crush (how I hate that game).

34. My TV is on the floor.

35. I secretly wondered why Ryan Gosling hasn’t pulled his finger out and asked me on that date yet.

And…….I am so ungrateful.

So today I ask you to ask yourself, what on earth you are really complaining about?

Is it a “first world problem”? Or are you truly not feeling blessed with all of the wonderful things you have going on?

Why not be grateful for all of the great stuff, instead of concentrating on all the negative shit, that really isn’t negative at all. Looking back, it’s quite comical.

Stop bitching and complaining. Stop rolling your eyes and sighing, and think about the important things in life. None of this crap should even so much as cause a blip on the radar.

So an exercise today – let’s practice an “attitude of gratitude”, and see how quickly things turn around for us. You’ll actually be really surprised…

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