Do you know where confusion comes from?

From the battle between the head and heart.

Your logic, and your intuition.

I’m all about following your gut instincts.

When something doesn’t feel right, you feel it in your gut. In the pit of your stomach.

Sometimes the feeling can be so overwhelming that it physically makes you sick. It prompts you to take action. You follow it blindly having faith that it is leading you in the right direction.

This is sometimes where logic kicks in.

It will attempt to convince you that you are overreacting. You’re just being paranoid. You ate something funny and that’s why you feel weird. You are just tired or emotional.

So what happens when your head overrules your heart, and you ignore that instinctive intuitive nudge?

Well, this is where the universe steps in to intervene.

I’ve written about this whole process in my previous article “Open Your Eyes”.

I pride myself on following my intuition. I quiet myself and try to listen to what it’s trying to tell me.

I have feelings about things. I allow that feeling to overwhelm me and follow what it’s trying to tell me.

Except when I don’t.

But when I don’t, I do personally get more and more signs to follow.

It may be a feeling that something just doesn’t feel right. It may be a conversation that doesn’t make sense. It may be that the dots are somehow just not connecting.

And it is then that I am compelled to follow my heart to alleviate the feeling.

So back to the universe.

When you don’t follow your gut, the universe will push you even further towards what you need to evolve to that next level. And sometimes it can come as quite a shock.

Might be a phone call from someone imploring you to trust your gut. Might be a dream that acts as a premonition. Might be a photograph you happen upon that tells a thousand words. Or it might just be that you really knew all along.

So whilst today is a short article, I ask you to start listening to your gut. Even if right now you can’t seem to connect the dots.

What is it trying to tell you? What is your logic trying to conceal from you? What signs is the universe sending you? What do you already know on a deeper level?

Only then will you be able to truly connect and see things for what they really are, and have all of the information needed in order to take the next step.

Perhaps you really do have to die before you die. Die in the metaphorical sense that is.

To rid yourself of all of the negativity of your past. To turn the page and start fresh. Begin again.

After all, you cannot continue to read over the same page again, and again. The story will never change. You will never discover anything new. And you will never evolve to what is meant to be.

Listen to your gut, follow it blindly, and surrender to what is.

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