VIDEO BLOG: Sage Smudging

Are you ready for some madness?

Today’s video blog is quite interesting for those of you with an open mind. It might expose me for the free spirit I actually am, but that’s ok. It’s who I am, and I’m not concerned if anyone thinks I’m a nut-job. Because I know I’m not. And that’s all that matters. I am just open to all of the possibilities that exist. There’s more to this world than what we’ve been taught by our parents and peers. So remain curious. Remain open-minded. Remain free-spirited.

I also made a false statement that this was indeed my fifth video blog post. It’s actually my fourth. Yet on my YouTube channel, it’s actually my fifth video. So same, same, and whatevs… (Oh, and my cool t-shirt appears to be see-through. Unintentional, but you’re welcome).

So it’s about an ancient tradition known as “sage smudging” (oh, and the mild speech impediment I have on the word “sage” due to my crooked front tooth is remarkable). You can read more on it here , and happy viewing!

DISCLAIMER: I am aware that I undermine myself with my own hyper-awareness of my own flaws and quirks, but I’d rather serve myself before anyone else has the chance to.

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