I’m honoured that I have been approached by Freedom Fighters Lawyers to help assist in raising awareness for 18 month old Angela who is suffering from a rare form of cancer. She starts some pretty aggressive chemo treatment in a month.

Freedom Fighters Lawyers are hosting a charity event in order to raise enough funds to send Angela and her family to Texas to get the treatment she desperately needs.

Their daughters name is Angela Sotiris.

Angela was a baby who was conceived after several attempts at IVF.

At just one year of age, doctors diagnosed her with a rare cancer called “Langerhans Cell Histioctosis”.

After several attempts at chemotherapy, the family has now been informed that the cancer has spread to her brain.



The cancer is so rare that the doctors in Australia are referring to a doctor in Texas for assistance.

The doctors have given Angela a 20% chance of survival.

To add a spanner in the mix, the parents have also just been informed that they are pregnant with a second child.

This family has not asked for anything as they do not want to “burden” anyone with their problems.

They are devastated by this disease, and their struggle financially to afford treatment for their sick child is heartbreaking.

So today, the reason for this article is to ask if anyone would generously donate their function centre for a mid-week black tie benefit.

Freedom Fighters Lawyers are arranging to raise the funds for the family to go to Texas and have Angela treated.

They will arrange the catering, table decor and even entertainment.

Let’s dig deep to give this family a reason to smile again, and the hope that they so desperately need for the benefit of their daughter.

The family does not know about this, and they are hoping to surprise them once the arrangements are in place.

For anyone who is able to assist with this, please email Cassandra at ckalpaxis@live.com.au , or myself at amy@chasingamy.com.au

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