Ignorance, insolence, insanity, intolerance, idealism, indecision, ideology, idiocy, illness, irritability, immaturity, impatient, impolite, inaction…

You get the drift.

However I do pose this question both literally, and metaphorically.

I am big on the belief in polarities. Everything possessing its opposite.

So if all of these negative “I” words have weight, is there also a solution arising with “I”?

And I don’t mean this in words you can find in the dictionary. I mean this with the solution coming from “I” – ourselves.

We cannot be a victim in our own lives, hoping that someone will rescue us from our own undoing. We must be the change we seek. But how do we change ourselves, and stop being addicted to the drama of our sometimes negative circumstances and thinking?

I do believe that surrounding ourselves with people that inspire and uplift us is a step in the right direction. I know I am filled with self doubt a lot of the time, particularly as a writer who thinks too deeply, and tries to find meaning in everything.

I am a perfectionist in every sense of the word, and nobody is harder on me than me.

It’s important to surround yourself with people who support, and encourage you to enable you to lift yourself higher. And it’s important to be continually inspired.

There’s no doubt that adversity builds character and it challenges you to strive to be better, but it’s not necessary to have people around you that drain your very life force, and who try to make you suppress who you really are. Because that’s got nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Insecurity. Another negative “I” word. Instead we should look for the positive “I” word and celebrate our individuality.

Of course she is biased, but I am uplifted every time I see my Aunty. She is praising me constantly, telling me how smart I am, how gorgeous I am, how easy going I am, how fun I am, what a fabulous writer I am. Is she just being nice, or is she seeing me for how I truly am?

If I fall into the trap of negative thinking, I will quickly label myself as insecure, lacking confidence, shy, emotional, lazy – but I am only those things when my thinking is off balance.

When I am positive, I am confident, funny, hard working, tenacious, impossibly charming, head strong, friendly – the total opposite.

I always go back to the belief that we are all like a mirror. Are some of us so super sensitive that when surrounded by the negativity of others, we inadvertently succumb?

Do we really need to be around those who bitch, complain, judge, bully, and relentlessly bring us down? Picking us apart at the seams with constant criticism?

Of course not. What an absolutely stupid question.

So why don’t we make the switch? Starting with “I”.

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