1. I only wear makeup on the weekends, however I have a rule I always stick to. If you are doing a smoky eye, a nude lip is a must, and if you are wearing lipstick, keep your eyes light. The best day time makeup is an even base, mascara, bronzer and lip gloss.
  2. When it comes to dressing, you need to pick a team. If you are doing tight pants, you need to pair it with a loose top. Showing off your cleavage? Cover up your legs. Leave something to the imagination.
  3. My favourite looks are ones which are somewhat timeless. Skinny jeans and a leather jacket, maxi-dress and a blazer. These are my basics and I accessorize from here. My signature look is skinny leg jeans, t-shirt, fur vest, and ankle boots.
  4. Although I am a sucker for prints, my wardrobe predominantly consists of black, white, beige and grey. I will mix it up every now and again with a pop of colour, but I generally save this for my accessorizing.
  5. Accessorize with the following – Fur vests / collars, hats, printed scarves (leopard print never goes out of fashion, and I consider it a neutral), cuffs, and band t-shirts.
  6. I own very little shoes for someone with a shopping addiction. My top tips for shoes are a black pump in suede, patent, and leather, a nude patent pump, a beige suede pump, a textured snakeskin print pump – (all four of these in either a peep-toe or closed toe) grey or black ankle boots, a neutral coloured wedge bootie, and a dressy sandal / flat. I am also currently a sucker for the wedge hi-top sneakers that have been around for a while. I live in these right now, and they go with everything.
  7. Even though I am quite quirky with the way that I dress at times, I am very classic when it comes to other things. I almost always wear just small stud earrings, and always wear black nail polish, with the exception of red if I’m feeling festive. I am personally not a fan of the French manicure, and I think it looks ghastly when woman have very long nails, and it’s also a little unhygienic when you think of it. Keep your nails short and square, and always paint your nails, and toenails.
  8. Top wardrobe items? A black leather biker jacket, skinny leg jeans (in black, white, grey, marle, red, leopard print, and blue), leather leggings, faux fur vest (in black, white, and natural), scarves in every print and colour imaginable, a black, white, and beige blazer, a black leather pencil shirt, a fedora, and a black maxi-dress. Build on it from here with other items such as jumpsuits, playsuits, shorts (I live in shorts through summer), palazzo leg pants, overalls, printed shirts, and anything with studs is always a winner, as well as anything in lace and leather.
  9. Looks that I personally hate? Kitten heels, anything with crystals or sequins, fake tan, long nails, hair extensions, too large breast implants (it makes you look like a porn star), flats in the evening, short, tight dresses, bright blue anything, wedges with dresses, and too much make up.
  10. When it comes to hair, I have had a very bad habit for the last 20 years of seldom brushing or washing my hair. However I do love having long hair, and I always stick with only a few different looks. Straight, wavy (think Olivia Palermo), and boho (aka beach hair). Every now and again I will rock a top-knot or a ponytail, and when your hair is dirty or you don’t feel like doing it, dry shampoo works wonders, as do hats, and can make an outfit interesting.
  11. Don’t be afraid to try new trends, and only wear what suits you. Develop your own personal sense of style. I definitely have my own sense of style and it’s evident when friends say things to me like “that’s such an Amy outfit”, or “it suits you, but I could never pull it off”. Dress how you like, and what best flatters your figure. How you dress is a way to express yourself.

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