I am so thankful for the rainy weather right now. It forces you to relax which is fabulous. However I did have to go shopping today to alleviate any boredom. Another thing that cold rainy weather at the end of summer does is make you suddenly think to yourself “where are all my warm clothes, and what did i wear last winter?”. So this is a dangerous combination when the seasons change, as i know I rush out immediately to grab the latest fashions. And I’m loving everything that is in stores at the moment, from studded shoes and shoulders, to cut-outs in everything from jumpers to leggings. So anyway, here’s what i bought today…

I love over-sized everything. I’m not sure if this is a t-shirt or a dress, but you could wear it as both. I love the olive green colour (I think olive green looks great on blondes), and the pics don’t show it, but the red and black on the front of the top is actually beading, and I’m a sucker for embellishments of any sort. This was $69.95 down to $27.96 at Sportsgirl.

I am DYING over this cardigan. Its actually a size too big for me, but it was the last one in the store and I REALLY wanted it. I love the vintage look of it (I actually have a rug that looks similar), and I love the looping all over it. Love it. I will be wearing this everywhere this winter (and no doubt getting snagged on everything I wander past too). This was $99.95. Yes, i know its expensive, but i love it. LOVE IT.

I fell in love with this peplum top. I’m obsessing over all the olive greens that are out at the moment. I paired this top with leather leggings to toughen it up a little. Always make sure you buy the smallest size with a peplum top because you really want to accentuate your waist. I’m thankful that Sportsgirl do XXS, as I have a tiny waist. This was $69.95 reduced to $27.95.

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