We work with lots of high profile clients of which I never disclose any details about.

However the one client that still pisses me off to this day is one by the name of Amanda Archer. She has owed me $2173.00 since the 9th of December 2009.

When Britney Spears was out here touring Australia on her “Circus” tour, she wanted to tour with her kids, which meant that at the time, her ex-husband Kevin Federline had to accompany them on tour.

We got a phone call from a leading media agency who were a regular client of ours, and were asked if we could organize transfers for Kevin, his girlfriend, Britneys two children, as well as the bodyguard and the nanny, and they would be paid for by a PR agency called Amanda Archer PR.

So upon getting in touch with Amanda, she organized a bunch of transfers for Kevin and his family in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne in mini-buses, and sedans, for photo shoots for magazines, radio and media interviews, and various social activities (Australia Zoo etc) and asked us to look after her on the price – which we did. We gave her a discounted rate as a goodwill gesture even though she hadn’t used our services before, but dealing with such a high profile celebrity, we never once doubted her ability to pay.

When it came time to paying the invoice, she came up with every excuse under the sun as to why she wasn’t able to pay. Claiming that her client hadn’t paid her etc (as if that’s my problem), but that she would have the money over to us as soon as possible. I sent her countless emails, text messages, and several phone calls, all to no avail.

And in between all of this she asked us for a Stretch Hummer (which we ordinarily send out for anywhere up to $750.00 per hour), to do a free transfer for some of her corporate clients for a restaurant opening at Balmoral that she was doing the PR for and promised free dinner vouchers to the driver of the Hummer in exchange for the freebie. We begrudgingly obliged, hoping that this would act as a sweetener for us getting our money. She never came through with this either.

And then she had the hide to turn around and ask for transfers for Nikki Hilton when she came out here promoting her jewelry line, which we refused to do her work – which is something we never do. When she still had an outstanding debt to pay, how on earth could we possibly accept any more work from her?

I have heard throughout the industry that she is notorious for wanting to rub shoulders with the celebrities, and never settles her bills, and I have unfortunately been fucked over by her.

So whilst our company prides ourselves on discretion, this is one time I do not give a flying fuck. So anyone out there that is listening – DO NOT WORK WITH AMANDA ARCHER. Her company used to trade under the name of Archer PR Events & Publicity Pty Ltd, but I have no idea if she still trades under that name as I lodged a complaint with ASIC in relation to her trading insolvent. Her website is This woman is highly unprofessional and unethical and should be banned from conducting any type of business.

So the lesson out of this? Be careful who you accept work from, and be careful who you decide to fuck over – because they might just blog about it…



Those of you that know me know that I don’t do corporate wear.

I have worked for myself for the last 12 years and during that time I have worked in restaurants where I am not required to wear make up or do my hair, and for the last 6 years, I have worked from my home office where I do not need to see clients and therefore my uniform is generally pyjamas.

I also hate getting up early.

So next week, as our company is heavily booked with other jobs at this time of the year, from the 4th until the 8th of March, I have taken on a job where I will not only have to wear corporate clothing, but my start time for those 5 days will be 5.30am – something I am dreading. I rarely sleep before 1am, and am often up haunting the hallways in the wee hours of the morning due to my wretched insomnia, so this is going to require a lot of effort.

Upon accepting this particular job, the first thing I asked was “what will I wear?” So I trawled through my wardrobe looking for suitable attire, and thankfully, as I have remained the same size since circa 1991, I was able to pull together 5 different outfits for the week and I will post them each day. I also thank my lucky stars that I had the foresight to invest in clothing that is timeless (pencil skirts, blazers, palazzo leg pants etc).

Another bad thing about this particular job, is that it requires me to drive, and those of you that have been in the car with me, know that this is an experience in itself. Not only am I a bad driver (think rally car driver), but I also cannot see properly. I have glasses to remedy this, but I don’t like to wear them, so this in itself is an experience for both myself and my fellow passengers. I’m actually a little bit nervous about it all to be honest.

And I also cannot park. I have scratched the rims on my husbands car countless times as I almost mount the gutter during reverse parking attempts, so I pray that the passengers I have to ferry around are forgiving of my lack of driving skills. I also hope that I don’t have passengers that are too serious, because being the goof-ball that I am, I have no idea how they are going to relate to me. Thankfully I’m a good talker (even though I can be impossibly shy at times), so I’m hoping to be able to win them over with my conversational skills (my mother says I can talk underwater with a mouth full of marbles).

I am certainly not looking forward to waking up in the dark each day, however I am looking forward to dressing up and looking like an adult for once in my life instead of the hippie that I am – but I think a week of it is more than enough. My hate of wearing shoes, bras, makeup, and brushing my hair will soon have me tiring of dressing like a regular human being.

I am already anticipating the return to being barefoot and sleeping till the sun is at least up.

Watch this space…


I’m a sucker for prints, and for maxi-dresses. They hide a multitude of sins, from having a fat day to not having a tan. This one I especially like as the flowy fabric is very forgiving on any figure, and the skirt section has a slight accordian pleat which I love.

I bought this maxi-dress from Sportsgirl whilst I was in Byron Bay. It was $189.95, reduced to $139.95, and then they had 30% off again so I managed to secure this for the bargain price of $98.00. Tremendous.

You can dress this up or down. Of course I like my trademark hippie styling, but for an evening look I would pair this with a thick black leather belt to cinch you in at the waist, a black pair of sky high pumps, a black chain link bag, a simple cuff, and a bold red lip.


I love jumpsuits even if I deeply regret wearing them when it comes time to use the restroom.

I bought this halter-neck palazzo leg jumpsuit the other day from a little Asian shop for $49.95. I love the 70’s inspired print, I love the deep cut in the front, and I love that I don’t have to wear a bra with it. Hollywood tape is a MUST for an outfit like this.

For an evening look i would pair this outfit with a top-knot and a black blazer and lots of gold accessories, but I love that I can dress it down and go for my trademark boho look with it too.

(PLEASE NOTE: I am peeling quite badly from my recent trip to Byron Bay)