I always do my own hair and makeup. Even on my wedding day back in 2001, I did my own makeup. I’ve had my face for a long time, and I know what best suits me. But I did go and see the team at Napoleon Perdis ( for the best make up advice, and have been using a lot of their products ever since.

I use their Light Diffusing Liquid Foundation in Look 2 as I think this gives the best coverage, and because it is an oil based foundation, it goes on nice and smoothly, and when you are having photographs taken (and who isn’t these days with everyone carrying a mobile phone in their pocket and uploading things to facebook regularly) the “Light Diffusing” particles in the foundation do just that – they diffuse the light and make it appear as though your skin is relatively line free.

On top of that, to counteract any shine, I use their Camera Finish powder compact in Golden Sand Look G4. I apply it with a large brush, rather than with the sponge provided. This always gives me a flawless finish. In fact, if I’m not actually going out anywhere special, I just put on my moisturizer (I use Olay Total Effects with SPF15 for the daytime), and dust the Camera Finish on top to even out my skin tone.

I also love their eye shadows, and eyeliner. I use their black onyx eyeliner – it is the blackest of blacks, goes on nice and smoothly, and stays on well all night, with little touch ups required.

Sportsgirl ( also do a fantastic eye shadow too believe it or not. I use their “Shady Lady” when I’m doing a smoky eye.

For lip gloss I use the BYS brand ( in Grape, and I think Rimmel ( do the best lipstick – but I never pair a smoky eye with lipstick. You’ll end up looking like a drag queen. 

My most favourite product is of course mascara. I absolutely LOVE Covergirl Professional Mascara (, which you can’t actually get here anymore, which sucks big time. So every time I go to theUS, I always stock up on it. And the best bit is its only $5.00! Covergirl Mascara here is around $18.00 – something I just cannot understand, particularly with the high Australian dollar.

To cleanse my skin I use Dove soap ( I’ve used this since I was a teenager, and I really think that good skin is a combination of genetics and what you put inside – the old saying “you are what you eat” I think is very true, and I don’t think there is any product out there that will give you flawless skin if you are putting crap into your body with a poor diet. I also exfoliate each morning with Neutrogena Blackhead Cleanser ( – no, I don’t have, nor have I ever had blackheads, but I find this is a good scrub for removing dead skin cells, and I think its important to scrub your skin every day to encourage cell renewal.

Of an evening I use Olay Regenerist Day Cream ( – yes I’m aware it’s a day cream, but I find it is nice and thick and works well for a night cream for me at the moment. I also use Nivea Q10 eye cream ( underneath my eyes, and on my lids I use Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum, which I also put the excess on my lips. In my opinion, there’s nothing better for your lips than eye cream.

At night before I sleep I usually spray my skin with Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner (, and apply Lucas Paw-Paw ointment ( to my lips. As my sister in-law tells me, my lips take up a significant portion on my face, and I seem to sleep with my mouth open for whatever reason so this alleviates them drying out and cracking.