I have small breasts. I am just in a B cup (or could possibly even be an A on a non-hormonal day). I actually really like having small breasts, and there are some definite benefits to it. I don’t have to wear a bra all the time, and I think it would be near impossible for them to ever sag.

I remember girls saying when I was back in high school, to see whether or not your boobs are perky you put a pencil underneath them, and if it falls out, then you have perky breasts. I find it hard to imagine that high school aged girls breasts are not of the perky variety, but that’s another topic for another day. Now, I don’t believe I have an “underneath” of my breast, so I have passed the perky breast test with flying colours.

The thing about being small busted is you can wear a lot of things that might otherwise look trashy on someone with large breasts. In fact, it can look classy. Gosh even Victoria Beckham had her implants removed once she started her own fashion line, so she could give the image of being more classy. Kate Hudson and Kate Moss are classic examples of how to rock a tiny rack, and while I realize that Kate Hudson has had rumoured breast implants, she only went up to a B cup, enhancing her very flat chest to one that suits her figure. (Kelly Rowland also did the same a few years back).

The best part about having a small bust, and not having to always wear a bra, is the outfit risks you can take. I have recently developed a bit of an obsession with all things backless. Backless tops, backless dresses – I adore them. Obviously to rock a backless anything, you can’t wear a bra, and with a small bust, this poses no issue whatsoever. Just a bit of Hollywood tape (to secure down any bits that may gape and expose a nipple), and if you’re feeling self conscious, you can always use some of that nipple tape, but like that episode of Sex and The City where Samantha wears those fake nipples, I think it can be kind of sexy too, in a total non trash-bag way.

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