False Eye Lashes

False Eyelashes

I remember when my friend Pauline first got false eyelashes put on. She looked beautiful. She got very long ones put on and although she looked gorgeous, she looked a little cartoonish with her dramatic fringe of lashes.

They were the ones that last around 6 weeks, and to care for them, you have to cleanse your eye area very carefully to avoid them coming off. I didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t remove your makeup properly – I like to have a clean makeup free face when I’m at home, and the fact that sometimes your actual eyelashes fell out with the false ones when they did eventually shed, acted as a deterrent for me.

The upkeep is quite expensive also. At around $90.00 for the initial application, followed by infills at $40.00 a pop, it only adds to the already expensive beauty regime that a lot of us women go through in order to maintain ourselves.

So while I do like the look of big full lashes, its one I usually only go to the trouble of doing if I have a special occasion, and I have found the best way to do this on the cheap, and temporarily, is with individual lashes. The best ones I have found are by the brand 1000 hour lashes (www.1000hour.com.au). I apply my makeup first (eyeliner, eyeshadow etc – but not mascara – I leave this until last), and then I apply the lashes.

False Eye LashesThis pack comes with a little container of glue that is shaped like a little sample of perfume. I put some of the glue down on the edge of the bathroom vanity (I find its easier to work with this way), and with a pair of tweezers, I take an individual lash, and dip the end of it into the glue, and then apply to the outer corners of my eyelids. I usually apply about half of the pack along half of each upper eyelid, just to make them appear fuller, and give more of a dramatic look.

This is a ridiculously easy process, and once the glue is dry (I usually give it a few minutes to be safe), I apply mascara and I’m done. It gives a natural full lashes effect, and most of the time, nobody will even notice that you have false ones on – after all, I am big on creating a natural effect with most things I do, and you don’t want to end up looking like an extra from Jersey Shore. At the end of the night, you simply just pull them off, and remove your makeup as normal. Easy.

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