This is a trend I love. I know that this look has been around for quite a few seasons now, but its one that I have fallen in love with, and have been getting done for the last few years now.

I’m actually not a fan on the technique when it involves the dip-dye look (which I personally think can look a little trashy), where it actually looks as though your last trip to the hairdresser was a good 6 months ago. I like the more natural look.

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I have small breasts. I am just in a B cup (or could possibly even be an A on a non-hormonal day). I actually really like having small breasts, and there are some definite benefits to it. I don’t have to wear a bra all the time, and I think it would be near impossible for them to ever sag.

I remember girls saying when I was back in high school, to see whether or not your boobs are perky you put a pencil underneath them, and if it falls out, then you have perky breasts. I find it hard to imagine that high school aged girls breasts are not of the perky variety, but that’s another topic for another day. Now, I don’t believe I have an “underneath” of my breast, so I have passed the perky breast test with flying colours.

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Eat, Pray, Love – Visiting Ketut Liyer (or as I affectionately refer to him as Ketut Liar)

I absolutely adore this book. In fact, there are a bunch of similarities to my own life  (which I will leave for another post) that are spookily uncanny.

Recently I went to Bali for my sister-in-laws 30th birthday celebration. After discovering that we had booked to go to Bali. I decided to look into making an appointment with the now famous 9th generation medicine man Ketut Liyer from Eat, Pray, Love. Upon Googling him, I discovered that he was pretty easy to find (I thought I would have a difficult time locating him), but the blog post reviews from other people that had gone to consult him for a reading were not entirely happy with his advice, and this had almost acted as a deterrent to me making the long trip out to see him at all.

Eat Love Pray #1

 The last time I was in Bali was in 2001, for my honeymoon (yes, I was a child bride), and it was unrecognizable to me from the last time I was there. And it was funny that the underlying reason behind my want to visit Ketut Liyer, was of course to mostly find out about where my relationship was heading.

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Thai Massage

In my opinion, the Thais give the best massages in the world. Those petite girls are so strong, and know exactly what they are doing.

I go to Thailand quite often as I find it works out cheaper to go there for a week than it does to go to the Gold Coast. For a couple, we usually pay around $2000 for a week away in a 5 star resort, with breakfast, and return airfares. And depending on what it is that you do in Thailand, you don’t need a whole heap of spending money.

Thai Phuket Massage

I go there to relax. Relaxing is very difficult for me to do. By nature I am a very highly strung person, as well as suffering from insomnia. You could basically say that I need to take a chill pill at times, so I find this is the perfect location for me to unwind.

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